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Uli Kringler Uli Kringler was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1961, and still lives in the city, trying to ignore the fact that it is one of the most rainy places in the world. Maybe the rain is also the reason why he started travelling at early age, first to the U.S. several times and later other countries including Israel, Egypt, Kuba, Mexico, Guatemala, all southern Europe and recently South Africa, where he fell in love with the music called "Capejazz ", a mixture of traditional African sounds and Jazz.

The travelling gained more and more impact on his life and music, so after many years of being a session player for records, filmmusic and commercials, the disire to play his own music grew slowly, so the idea for "One world in a guitar" came up, and after a years work it`s done now. The way to that point was long ; at age 6 he learned his first "D-A-D-G" progression, at age 11 he joined his first band and being 16 he toured northern germany.

At age 17 he played his first paid studio session gig, a sausage commercial, and what followed was a long stretch of session work, including chartbreaking records such as Sarah Connors`or Brosis first album, composing and sessionwork for movies like Fatih Akins " Kebab Connection ", numberless albums and commercials, and, being a real highlight, recording an album with native american music with his friend Ramon Kramer and a Blackfeet Indian singer, Darrell Norman. Today, sessionwork and playing theatre shows like "The Lion King" is part of his work, but his focus now is on his solo guitar performances and playing duo concerts with his partner Jens Fischer, an extraordinary guitar player and composer with a unique style.

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